End of an Era

I graduated college about 3 weeks ago and officially moved back to my home town today. College has seriously been the best 4 years of my life thus far, and I will cherish all the memories that I have made at the prestigious University of California Riverside. Damn.
I am happy to say that this school definitely has the littest concerts compared to any university out there. Not only have I learned to balance my social life, school life, and extracurriculars, but I’ve also learned that the people you meet and the relationships you develop are the most important aspects of college. SO….. what now.
The past three weeks I’ve been living at one of my best friend’s house where we both have been grinding our asses off on the job hunt. During the day, we would spend endless hours applying for a variety of jobs that we (might) see ourselves doing and by night I would try to hangout with whoever is still in the area, knowing very well that this may be the last time I would see them. Although I’ve already shedded most of my tears out during graduation, I can’t help but feel sorrowful that everyone is going away. With friends who are from Norcal, out of state, or even out of the country, I am definitely going to miss all the faces that I see on a daily/weekly basis. Shit, this really is an end of an era but damn, it’s also the beginning of a new era. It’s time to put my big boy pants on and face the world.


The Last

This is the post excerpt.

A lot of things have happened since I graduated from UCR.

I stayed in Riverside for a month, I applied for jobs… I went to Asia (Taiwan & Japan) for a month, I applied for jobs… I came back from Asia, I applied for jobs… I ran and got caught by the police, I applied for jobs… I went to Block Party, I applied for jobs… I got a traffic ticket, I applied for jobs… I went to Catalina Island, I applied for jobs… I blacked out and submerged my phone in water, I applied for jobs… Fuck.

It might sound like I’ve been having a lot of fun while being unemployed but deep down I feel like a mess. All of my friends have found a job, and I really mean ALL the people that I am close to have found a job. I know that everyone goes at their own pace however I feel like I have stopped progressing in life despite what everyone says around me. I have so many passions…. I love dancing, I love cinematography, I love video editing, I love traveling but all of these are at a halt. All the potential companies that I have applied to and interviewed have denied me of their openings thus far. My friend who I’ve been on this Job Search journey finally got a job today and I am, with all my heart and soul, so proud of him.

I know this post sounds sad and depressing but I mean what else can i say? I really need to find myself AND find a job which I can see myself doing that will enable personal and professional growth in my life. I’ve always been a happy optimistic person but I guess this is the part in my life where I’m going to be a bit sad and dispirited. It’s been a long journey and I’m afraid that the journey won’t end. The light at the end of the tunnel seems dim as my life continues.